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This episode's topic is 'New Wellness Tools', that is, new methods of information sharing between doctors, patients and health providers to enable better diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of disease, plus better disease prevention methods. Host Martin Wasserman interviews two guests. Martin Entwistle was the founder and CEO of a company called Enigma, which developed a technology to provide better information sharing between doctors and patients. The technology was acquired by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in 2008, and Martin now serves there as Co-Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation. He was also trained as a physician and orthopedic surgeon in the United Kingdom. Michael Dinneen, M.D., Ph.D and psychiatrist, is Director of Strategy Management for the U.S. Military Health System, although in this interview he discusses a new type of civilian health organization called an Accountable Care Organization, which follows a patient's treatment even as he goes from one medical facility to another. Michael is a former Director of Medical Services at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and is also an expert in military psychiatry and has served as a psychiatric consultant to the Secret Service and the U.S. Congress. We also have an animated video clip of Google Health, a very flexible online system of monitoring your own health at home that enables you to see patterns you might have otherwise missed. Stations whose audiences are interested in how modern communications are making health care more effective should air this show.

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